The Songs and the Music You Really Need


Is music really in crisis? Reading a study carried out by researchers from the Faculty of Economics, the numbers of the first half of 2019 tell a different reality.In addition to a collapse that is now certified and that seems unstoppable in the sale of CD format discs, we are witnessing an increase in sales of vinyls of + 11%. However, the digital sector is instead experiencing a state of grace and continuous growth. Liquid and widespread cd music on increasingly popular streaming services now accounts for 60% of the entire music industry’s turnover. For the Best New Music these are the essential features.

The Use of the City

The city also confirms to be one of the most sought-after squares in the world, also in terms of live music, ranking sixth, ticket prices are growing, DJ sets are becoming more popular even if pop-rock music remains the most popular by the Italian public.

  • The analysis from which these numbers are taken collects and relates the data of the music industry of the first half of 2018 to obtain trends, information and curiosity about the state of the music market in Italy. Everything is then summarized and made easily usable through an interesting infographic.
  • The infographic ends with a look at “independent” music. The last few years and perhaps even the non-experts have noticed have seen the boundaries between “Indie” and Pop music slowly fade, with the numbers of the first in clear growth from every point of view: social popularity, discs sold , detached concert tickets. Data supported by the examples of the independent label “Bomba Dischi” and by artists such as Calcutta, Carl Brave and Coez who in a very short time have crossed the boundaries of indie music to establish themselves forcefully on the national scene.

The “rap” we know today comes from black American ghettos. It is based on an improvisation of texts with always a strong presence of the diction half-spoken and half-sung as well as its sound effects. We are then in the 70s when the “Rap” makes its appearance. It is quickly becoming a popular phenomenon in the United States, then spreads around the world. It is today the heart of the culture of the young French generations who combine “spoken language” with “literary language”. Worn by its artists such as MC Solaar or Passi, French youth finds inspiration in the association of several languages ​​(plurilingualism) or new forms of language such as “verlan”. The “Rap” is perhaps today the most popular musical genre in the city.

The Truest Options

The years go by, progress accompanies them followed by the “Rap” which finds its resources in newly created technologies. The sample becomes the tool par excellence and allows each of us to create our piece without excessive costs (purchase of instruments, amplifiers). One person is then able to “break into the world of music”, him, and his computer. This is a radical change in the music.